Why does this website exist?

  1. To help make camping with EVs pulling trailers easier. As an EV owner myself, I’ve run into a multiple stressful situations where with just a little bit of battery charge left, I wasn’t sure if I could depend on the RV Park to allow me to charge. Sometimes having to drop my trailer at a public charging station.
  2. To help RV Park owners inform EV drivers in advance about their charging policies.
    • For RV Park owners who allow charging, this is a great opportunity to spread the word that EVs are welcome, and drive more business.
    • For RV Park owners who are unable to allow EV charging, it avoids having to be the bearer of bad news at the worst possible time (when a guest arrives with a low battery expecting to charge).

I have thoughts or suggestions

Please contact us and let us know how best we can help the community.